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Digital Printing

Fast turn-arounds and crisp imagery. Take advantage of our new and specialty equipment to create a masterpiece you can be proud of.

Large Format

Print BIG! From vinyl banners to giant coroplast signage, we can handle just about any of your large marketing needs.

Offset Printing

Looking for cost efficiency in large quantities? Offset printing is what you’re looking for. Need Pantone colours? We can do that too.

Online Ordering

Fast, flexible, convenient, and customized for your company. Perfect for maintaining consistency in your projects.

We’ve got you covered.

Business cards, banners, booklets, letterheads; whatever print project you throw at us, we can handle. We’re fully equipped to take on any challenge you can think of. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

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Making it easy.

It’s fast, it’s flexible, it’s incredibly convenient. Our customizable online ordering system allows you to efficiently and confidently order your print in seconds. It comes with an unlimited number of accounts so you and your team can manage all your needs. Ask us about it!

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Online Ordering - Laptop

Meet the team.


CEO / Partner

I oversee all departments in the company. I also coordinate with many partners to make their print a reality.

What I want to achieve for our partners is to make a seamless transition from design to print. One of my main goals is to make print as fun as I can for the client, and to make it as simple as possible.

I'm passionate about my family and running, two things that are top priority to me.
I am always ready to talk about video games, and comic books. I'm a total nerd.

Kris Hermkens

Sales & Marketing Management / Partner

I consult with our partners to take their print projects from an intangible concept to a tangible product.

What I want to achieve for our partners is to offer service and knowledge that adds value to their company and to help them be successful.

I am passionate about being a father to three bold, adventurous, and loving daughters, living healthy, and faith.

I am always ready to talk about cooking and cast iron cookware.

Shane Harnett

Production Manager

I’m a geek for print, but am always happy to dive into a conversation on car restoration and cooking. As a classic car enthusiast, I take great pleasure in restoring cars to a better place. I’m often doing this with my trusty sidekicks Ruby and Cassie, my two dogs. After a full day of working on cars, I like to get down to cooking for myself and the family.

For those of you who choose Kinetica Print, and those who are considering us, as Production Manager my goal is to provide you with the best service and products. Though my work is often behind the scenes, you have my promise I’m committed to giving you the absolute best we have to offer.

Carolynne Shortreed

Customer Service Coordinator

I coordinate orders on behalf of our clients and monitor their quality and progress from order placement to completion.

What I would like to achieve for our clients is for them to be pleased with the end result of their projects.

I'm passionate about my friends and family.

I am always ready to talk about shoes and boots.


Inside Sales / Customer Service

I reach out to prospective partners to introduce our company and I offer customer service to those in need.

What I want to achieve for our partners is to offer open solutions that solve shortcomings in their business, and ensure that they are happy with their decision to work with us.

I'm passionate about the care, rehabilitation, and recovery of my daughter as well as finding alternative therapies that may provide benefits that conventional drug-based treatments do not.

I am always ready to talk about the future, how to make a difference in people's lives, and learning to be happy one day at a time.


Estimating / Customer Service


Creative Designer

I interpret our partners' needs and design solutions with high visual impact for digital and print. This includes branding, web design, as well as promotional and marketing material.

What I want to achieve for our partners is s to be able to take their idea or message, and get it across effectively through visual design.

I am passionate about everything visual like photography, film, animation, and games.

I'm always ready to talk about video games, board games, and anything Star Wars.


Creative Designer

I primarily design websites and ensure our client's artwork is ready to print. I'm also sometimes responsible for branding as well as designing marketing material.

What I want to achieve for our partners is to help them understand the intricacies of design and it's relation to the web or print.

I'm passionate about design and how it can be used to make everyday life a little easier.

I'm always ready to talk about video games and why I would consider Final Fantasy VII the greatest of all time.

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