Stickers and Decals and Labels, Oh My!

Unlock your creativity with our custom stickers. From logo decals to packaging labels, make your mark with high-quality prints that stick around.

Enhance your brand visibility, organize products, or add some flair to your personal items with our top-quality stickers, decals, and labels.

Not sure where to start? We’ll guide you through all the options from vinyl to paper-based, and rolls to sheets. Whatever sticky print-related situation you find yourself in, our team can find a solution.

Picking materials

Paper, polypropylene, or vinyl?

While other materials are used when printing on something adhesive, paper, polypropylene, and vinyl are by far the most common. Here are some of their pros and cons.


Paper substrates are generally the most cost-effective solution to printing stickers and labels. They’re also available in more eco-friendly options that are made with recycled materials if that is a concern. That said, paper substrates are the least durable of our options and are best suited for less demanding applications.


This stock is extremely versatile, water-resistant, and less costly than other synthetic materials such as polyester or vinyl. It’s mid-range durability makes it great for indoor or short-term outdoor applications. You’ll often find this type of label on food containers, bottles, and shipping labels.


If you’re in need of flexibility or extreme durability and weather resistance, vinyl substrates are the way to go. Vinyl is also great for custom shapes and is available with removable adhesives for residue-free extraction. It is typically more expensive than other materials.

What about lamination?

Protect your stickers, labels, or decals with a thin protective film on the surface. Lamination is an effective way to add durability and weather resistance to a label, but there are additional benefits too!

Gloss lamination adds lustre and vibrance to your stickers that works well with bright, colourful imagery.

Matte lamination, on the other hand, is great for a more subtle appearance and can lend a level of sophistication to the finished piece.

Label formats

Sheets or rolls?

You’ve picked your substrate, but would you prefer your stickers, labels, or decals in sheets or on rolls? We can give you some help with that. 


If you’re on a time crunch, printing your stickers, labels, or decals on sheets will give you the quickest turnaround. They’re also cost-effective, easy to handle, and a great way to save space. A perfect option for short production runs too! 


Stickers, labels, or decals on a continuous backing that is then spooled onto a cardboard cylinder. This format is ideal for quick hand-application or even quicker machine application.

Let’s tackle this together.

Still need help or looking for something special not listed above? We can help with that too! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk through your project with you and lend as much assistance as we can.

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