A Little Bit About Us...

Great work with a great personality. We’re a close group of family and friends striving to bring you the best in print.

We’re different from other printers. We do this because we don’t want to be just another printer. We do this for you, just as much as we do it for ourselves. It makes things interesting for us, it takes a traditional product to a new place.

We consider ourselves a print company with personality.  Sports, camping, reading, cooking, animals, we’ve got a wide range of likes and interests. Happiness, sadness, excitement, frustration – we’re real people with real emotions! It’s part of what makes us diverse, it’s part of what makes us, us.

We may be a little crazy, but together we form a formidable team. Really, we’re a family trying to put ink on everything.

Meet the team

Meet the team.


CEO / Partner

Hey I’m Ken!

When it comes to life I am passionate about my family and running. These are two of my top priorities. When we get a chance to talk, I’ll be ready to have great conversations about video games and comic books. Yeah, I’m a total nerd.

For Kinetica Print, I oversee all departments in the company. I coordinate with many of our partner companies to make their print a reality.

What I want to achieve for you is to make a seamless transition from design to print. One of my main goals is to make print as fun as I can for you, and make it as simple as possible.


Sales & Marketing Management / Partner

I am blessed to be the father to two bold, adventurous, and loving daughters. For them and my loving wife, I am passionate about being the best version of myself through a healthy and faithful lifestyle. I may not be a world-class chef, but I love to cook so I’m always prepared to have a chat about cooking and cast iron cookware!

For Kinetica Print, I oversee sales and marketing. I consider myself a consultant with our partners to take their print projects from an intangible concept to a tangible product. What I want to do for you is to offer service and knowledge that adds value to your company and to help you be successful.


Keeper of the Boots
Customer Service Coordinator

To list a few of my favorite things in life… Family, friends… and boots! My family and friends mean the world to me, they bring a great deal of joy to my life. When you call, I’m up for a hefty conversation about shoes at any time any place.

For Kinetica Print, I coordinate orders on behalf of our clients and monitor their quality and progress from order placement to completion. My goal is that when you choose us as your printer you are pleased with the end results.


The Caring
Inside Sales / Customer Service

I am passionate about the care, rehabilitation and recovery of my daughter, finding alternative therapies other than drugs that maintain but do nothing more. I will always be ready to talk about the future, how to make a difference in people’s life by influencing their opinion for the betterment of all, and learn to be happy if it is only one day at a time.

At Kinetica Print, I reach out to prospective partners to introduce our company and I offer customer service to those in need. What I want to accomplish for you is to offer open solutions that solve short comings in your business, assist you so that you are happy and satisfied with your decision to work with us.


Movie Buff
Creative Designer

Anything visual gets me excited – photography, film, animation to games, I really enjoy the diversity and the art that is demonstrated in visual media. Board games, video games, and definitely anything Star Wars will always have me engaged in good conversation!

At Kinetica Print, I interpret our partners' needs and design solutions with high visual impact for digital and print. This includes branding, web design, promotional and marketing material. What I want to achieve for you is be able to take your idea or message, and get it across effectively through visual design.


Easily Annoyed By Bad Typography
Creative Designer

I really love design. I’ve had a strong passion on how it can be used to make everyday life a little bit easier for quite some time and I find a lot of fulfilment when I get to achieve that goal. If you want to get me to open up, let’s talk about video games and why I consider Final Fantasy VII the greatest game of all time!

At Kinetica Print, I primarily design websites and ensure our partners’ artwork is setup for print to achieve the best results. My objective is to help you understand the intricacies of design and it’s relation to print.

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