An important note...

With recent shortages, pre-planning with us is highly recommended to secure paper stocks and schedule appropriate production timelines.

Over the last year, the paper mill industry has experienced a shift in production. Many of the paper mills which we have relied upon have either halted operations or pivoted towards alternative products creating a wide shortage of paper products, and international mills have reduced shipments overseas. This is true for the entire print industry and is not isolated to British Columbia.

We are working closely with our paper suppliers to mitigate backorders, substitutions, and price increases, but there may be some scenarios where this is unavoidable.

Our goal is to provide you with stress free print purchasing. We will continue to work towards this and maintain communication with you regarding availability as the situation progresses.

Current stocks experiencing low inventory or delays

130# Coated Cover Stocks
Neenah Brand Classic Crest Paper Stocks
*Other stocks not listed here may be experiencing low inventory levels and we will update as often as possible and when we are notified.

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