Let’s talk about tools that are used within the industry which we think are helpful resources for designers.


Microsoft Surface Book 2

This product offers amazing quality with a sleek, stylish, and powerful system. It has a responsive touchscreen and is often considered a masterpiece of industrial design.

Apple MacBook Pro

Iconic brand and quality. Nothing will beat Apple. Powerful system, iconic style, and of course it is “Apple”

If you compare Surface Book 2 TO MacBook Pro, Surface will overshadow Apple. While you get 25060×1600 at 232ppi with MacBook Pro, you get 3240×2160 260ppi with Surface Book 2. But again, that feeling of owning a MacBook cannot be beaten.

iMac Pro

If you are feeling flashy, this is the system you want to have. It is Apple’s fastest and most powerful product EVER. But given the price tag, this system isn’t for everyone.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Industry standard software for a designer. It starts at $9.99 to $79.98 USD per month.

Within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, you get access to 20+ desktop and mobile apps including photoshop CC and Ilustrator CC. This platform offers support for increased creativity and collaboration with colleagues and clients. Used properly, your efficiency will increase dramatically.

Hard Drive

There are moments when technology can fail us, so we recommend investing in a reliable external hard drive. A hard drive with 4TB capacity should allow you to back up all of your work. SSDs are fairly expensive but are more reliable. If you have the budget, go with Samsung’s T3 SSD as it is reliable and offers fast read speed up to 450Mbps.

Graphics tablet

This is a versatile design tool that most designer should have within their arsenal. It is more convenient than a laptop and provides an authentic drawing experience. Of course, this comes with practice but once you get a handle on it, it is like drawing with a real pencil. We recommend to start with Huion 1060Plus and maybe upgrade to Wacom Intuos later on.

Quality sketchbook or notebook

The tangible still has a place in our hearts and our workflow. Especially in design, the feel of drawing on a piece of paper is completely different than a computer screen. If you are stuck and ideas are not flowing, try to go back to your roots/ Have fun! Sketch, Doodle, and Draw!


Monitor Calibrator

This is a MUST have product. This system will allow to you ensure and guarantee complete accuracy when moving from print to screen. By investing into a calibrator, you will save in the future. For an entry level user, we recommend to use Datacolor Spyder5ELITE monitor calibrator.

Pantone swatch book

If you do a lot of print work, this is another way to ensure your work is close to perfection. The hardest colours to simulate on screen are neons and metallic. Investing into a pantone swatch book allows you to be efficient and accurate. If you specialize in quality print and packaging, you can invest in full-blown Pantone Reference Library. This is costly, but could be worth it

Top-end smartphone

Yes, Yes, we know – another electronic? But a decent smartphone is essential part of being a designer. You can test new apps, taking pictures, or website designs easily. Try to stay with a larger screen. We recommend Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, iPhone8 or iPhone X.

Studio Camera

Even though most smartphones can capture some quality images, if you are working with a high end client, it is always a good idea to invest in a quality camera. It does not need to be a D-SLR as most CSCs are now almost on a par in terms of quality.

Variable desk

Graphic design do not happen overnight. It takes hours and hours of work which mostly likely get done on your work station. It is crucial to understand sitting down for 8+ hours isn’t healthy for your posture. Simple solution to this is to have a variable desk where you can stand and sit whenever you feel like it. We do work so we can live a fun healthy life. Do not sacrifice your health because of your work.

Ergonomic chair

If sitting on a chair isn’t healthy, well you can’t stand and work for 8+ hours right? Invest into an ergonomic chair. This will combat the back pain and relieve any discomfort during your work hours. Look for Herman Miller, they have affordable to high end ergonomic chair. Remember, your health is everything. INVEST.